Jobs Available Western Sydney (JAWS) offers the only platform that solely connects Western Sydney businesses with Western Sydney job seekers directly.

JAWS achieves results like no other job advertisement options, at a fraction of the cost. The nature of job posting allows job seekers to easily interact with the jobs they are interested in. It also allows employers a unique method to find local staff, allowing them to see interested people first hand.

JAWS has posted over 2,500 jobs inside Western Sydney since its inception in late 2013.

Between our website, Facebook page and affiliate partner’s ads, one of the most unique aspects of this platform is the ability for people to ‘tag’ friends and family in specific jobs – offering employers even more targeted advertising and new age recruitment opportunities that other online and offline services cannot.

The benefits:
– JAWS Facebook page has over 28,000 fans
– Value for money compared to more conventional forms of job advertising
– Gets real results that you can observe
– Many businesses use only us when advertising available jobs
– It is modern recruitment, giving the employer more control